Friday, March 30, 2012

NYCCG 5th Anniversary Hook

Manufacturer: NYCCG 2006 Commemorative Crochet Hook by Grafton Fibers
Type of Hook: Rich red and ebony wood; size 5mm
Own/Covet: Own
On the Hook: nothing at the moment
What I love about the hook: Hey, it's a hand-turned crochet hook by Tom Dyak of DyakCraft; formerly called "Grafton Fibers." What's not to love?

This is one of their earlier hook designs: nice long neck, smooth body, great weight balance. The hook was created to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the New York City Crochet Guild; you had to be a member to order one. The hook is stamped with "NYCCG 2001-2006"

Friday, March 23, 2012

Richie Rich's Crochet Hooks

Manufacturer: Rich Woods (Eastern States Exposition; 2004)
Type of Hook: wooden; various sizes & woods
Own/Covet: Own 1 of the 7 (the dark brown one closest to my thumb, "Honduras Rosewood"); covet the other 6
On the Hook: Nothing at the moment

What I love about the hook: Rich and his wife had a booth at the Eastern States Exposition for as long as I can remember. I had always stopped at his booth to both admire all the barretts and pens they sold, as well as watch him work his magic in his little "on sight" studio he had.

In 2004 my CGOA Chapter was demonstrating on Connecticut Day and asked Rich if he was interested in trying to create some crochet hooks. He was game, hand-turning seven crochet hooks (I'm holding all seven in my hands in the photo above.) Each hook was unique; no two alike. They were divided up between the members interested, of which I was a lucky one.

The following year Rich and his wife were gone. I was advised his wife was ill and that he hoped to return in 2006 -- sadly he has not returned at all. Hopefully he and his wife are in good health, enjoying retirement.

Because these hooks have thumb rests, I do not use mine. The hook is light weight, balanced beautifully. I call them "Richie Rich's" crochet hooks because of the rich memories I have of this couple.