Blog Name:
Back in 2005, while tending to my regular crochet themed blog, www.CrochetingWithDee.com, I decided to start a blog called "Hooks & Stitches" that would be dedicated exclusively to crochet hooks and the stitches on them.  As I began designing the look & feel of the new blog, life got really busy.  I decided to put the new blog into hibernation until a later time .

Ah, but my love of crochet hooks, in both owning and coveting, did not hibernate! -- it only increased over time!   In November 2011 I decided to wake the blog up, deleting all the posts that said, "still under construction," and began posting about crochet hooks. 

Then I discovered someone else also uses the same 'hooksnstitches' name.  I am mentioning this here in case you were looking for that individual's site and not mine.  We are not the same people, nor are we connected in any other way other that the similarity of the name 'hooksnstitches.' 

Payment/Income from the blog:
There is a new rule stating that bloggers need to advise their readers if the writer/blog owner receives any financial incentive for the material & links they reference.  So here it goes:

All the crochet hooks featured in this blog, that are owned by me, were either purchased by me, gifted to me, or were given to me for free to "test drive."  Unless otherwise stated in the individual blog posts, I receive no financial compensation for any of the hooks discussed here, nor for any of the links I provide.

Same deal for the crochet hooks that are "coveted"  -- they are here to further the discussion of my love of crochet hooks.  Unless otherwise stated, I receive no financial compensation for any of the hooks I list as "coveted."

If you are a manufacturer of a crochet hook and would like me to "test drive" it, perhaps leading to a post here, please contact me.

All photographs featured on this blog, unless otherwise stated, I hold the copyright to.  At this time, I am not selling any of my photographs, but reserve the exclusive right to do so.