Saturday, June 15, 2013

When Life is a Zoo: Giraffe in a Tree Crochet Hook

Giraffe "Hanging On" crochet hook, inspired
by the image created for the Wellington Zoo's
"Celebrate Chimp Week" promotion

Manufacturer: LemonadeShop (on Etsy)
Type of Hook: wooden hook cleverly adorned with clay giraffe, size "H"
Own/Covet: Own
On the Hook: Nothing at the moment.

What I love about the hook: During a time in my life when I feel life is a zoo, I have found humor to be, aside from crocheting, one of the greatest stress relievers life has to offer.  So I thought, why not combine both humor and crochet -- combined with my fascination with giraffes --  to lift my spirits?  For this, I turned to Heather of The Lemonade Shop and asked if she could take the 2006 Wellington Zoo's promotion image that has been floating around the Internet and custom create a clay rendition.  Since I use my fingertips to "twist & jut" crochet hooks to create my stitches, as with the metal/Boye Capt Jack Sparrow hook, I also needed the hook's thumb rest covered so I could comfortably crochet.  Heather did not disappoint!

For the record, giraffes cannot climb trees.  Neither can hippos or zebras.  However, you can see all three images that were created for the zoo's celebration here.  Funny, right? 

Along with the fantastic hand work Heather put into creating my little "chimp" giraffe, she also cleverly distributed the bulk of the weight on the "bottom" of the hook.  As I practice my "twist & jut" motions with the hook, the weight rotates nicely -- and it is absolutely hysterical to watch this giraffe "hold on" for dear life!  :)

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