Friday, September 28, 2012

2008 Limited Edition CGOA (Brainsbarn) Commemorative Hook

2008 CGOA Limited Edition Commemorative Hook by
Manufacturer: Brian & Anne of
Type of Hook: 2008 limited-edition, CGOA Commemorative hook, carved from the exotic fine-grained, lightweight hardwood, chakte kok (Sickingia salvadorensis) with a cloisonne bead; size I.
Own/Covet: Own
On the Hook: a pullover that will be featured at the 2012 Stitches East show for

What I like about the hook:  Part of the fun in attending the Crochet Guild of America's Conferences (formerly known as ChainLink, now part of the Knit and Crochet Show), is in collecting the limited edition crochet hooks, such as the one pictured above, crafted by Brian of  This hook is very-much like the other Brainsbarn hooks I have featured here: they are light-weight, with a nice long neck (great for making tall stitches, or short rows of Tunisian crochet), and have a nice, smooth finish.  I find this hook a joy to work with.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Knitters Pride Interchangeable Tunisian Hook(s)

Test-driving Knitter's Pride Interchangeable Tunisian
Hooks while shopping at Webs Yarn Store.

Manufacturer: Knitters Pride
Type of Hook: lightweight wood
Own/Covet: Covet
On the Hook: test-drive sample

What I love about the hook:  I like the weight and size. I also like that the cables lock in nicely (they screw in). If you were to invest in 2 sets, I don’t see why you couldn’t connect a second crochet hook and do ”Crochet on the Double” or add a knitting needle and do ”Portuguese Knitting.” (In thinking about this, I don’t see why this wouldn’t work for the Denise Interchangeables…)

During my test drive, I did have problems with one hook “sticking” a bit, but that could be easily remedied with a bit of conditioning (using wood balm/oil). I didn’t buy the set -- I was hoping to buy just one hook/cable combo and give it a more rigorous workout in the comfort of my home before deciding if I want to buy the entire set. Unfortunately they didn’t have the single hook/cable available for purchase in the store, but they do have it available for ordering through their website,  I don't know if the single Tunisian hook comes with the cable, and if so, how long it is.  Once I glean this information I'll update this post and order me one taking this hook off my Covet List and onto my Own List.  The hooks are made in India.