Friday, December 02, 2011

Brainsbarn RAK Crochet Hook

Manufacturer: Brian & Anne of
Type of Hook:   Indonesian Rosewood Crochet Hook, complete with a captive ring and a glass Pink Ribbon Bead with silver insert
Own/Covet: Own (RAK'd: blogged about it here.)
On the Hook: At the original time of this blog post, there was nothing on this hook.  On 9/15/12 I replaced the original picture with the picture above.  Current project is be used as a store sample at Stitches East.

What I love about the hook: This hook was RAK'd (Random Act of Kindness) to me by Brian & Anne in recognition of all the charity projects I crochet, thus the hook has a pink ribbon on the bead between the two wooden sections.  I use this beautiful hook exclusively for charity projects as I believe it is filled with "good vibrations & intentions."  I love how the wooden hook warms to the touch and executes my stitches flawlessly.

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vikki said... have some of the nicest hooks..I think I may have to start collecting. Have a great weekend