Friday, May 18, 2012

Daystar Crochet Hook

Daystar Crochet Hook by Katherine Kowalski

Manufacturer: Daystar by Katherine Kowalski (on Etsy)
Type of Hook: "Tortoise" dyed hardwood, size J
Own/Covet: Own
On the Hook: Scarf using extended hdc stitches, blending two unlabeled yarns together.

What I love about the hook:  This Daystar hook is one of my longest "regular" sized hand-turned crochet hooks.  On average it is about 1/2" to 1" longer than the rest of my collection; if I had a larger hand, I might not have noticed this. I find the extra length adds a smidge more weight to the back end of the hook -- however, I'm willing to overlook this because of the fantastic length of the shank (the part just after the hook's neck, and right before the hook body begins to flare for holding).  The elongated shank allows me to make beautiful stitches requiring multiple yarn-overs without becoming stretched out by the thumb-rest area, and the finish is silky smooth so the yarn just glides!  The hook is a pleasure to use!

For those looking for Graydog Crochet hooks, imho, Katherine's hooks are about as close as you can get.

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Haley said...

Wow - that is high praise indeed! I will have to check these out :o)