Friday, April 13, 2012

Safari Crochet Hook

: Dave of Grizzly Mountain Arts
Type of Hook: "Pyro-Art" Tiger maple , size J (6.00mm)
Own/Covet: Own
On the Hook: nothing at the moment, but it just finished whipping up several Chemo Caps! :)

What I love about the hook:  I was hunting on the Internet for German and Russian crochet hooks when I stumbled upon a 2009 blog entry for a "pyro art giraffe print crochet hook."  Can we say I instantly coveted that hook?  Yes, I think we can.  And deeply, too. 

I took a deep breath, crossed my fingers and sent an email asking if he was making any more of this style crochet hook.  To my delight Dave responded quickly stating he no longer sells on eBay, and that he  now mostly makes spindles and other fiber tools with a crochet hook now & then. (His work is beautiful! Check out his Etsy shop here.)  I asked if he'd be willing to take a custom order -- he said yes! -- and the next thing I know, I have this tiger-wood giraffe theme beauty in my crochet-addicted hands!

What is not to love about it?  It is light weight, with a slightly pointed head, and neck that tapers into the body.  With me being a big giraffe fan, the pyro-burn etching of giraffe print is what makes this crochet hook so unique.  (yarn pictured is by  Who knew crochet-hook hunting could be so much fun?!

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