Friday, April 20, 2012

T. Buettner & Co. Inc Crochet Hook

Nun's Crochet Hook; photo by Marcia. Hook belonged to her grandmother.
Manufacturer: T. Buettner & Co. Inc (aka "Nun's" crochet hooks)
Type of Hook: wooden, size "K"
Own/Covet: Covet
On the Hook: nothing; the hook is owned by Marcia.  Originally blogged about this hook here.

What I love about the hook:  The company T. Buettner & Company was located in Chicago, Illinois, and specialized in the importing and manufacturing of goods for crocheting, embroidery, knitting, spool knitting and the likes for 100 years. Many companies at the time published their own patterns to help support the sales of their thread & yarn lines, so it is no surprise they also offered their own line of crochet hooks.

While it is possible that the Nun's line of crochet hooks could have been produced in Germany, it is in knowing that this hook is stamped with the letter "K" that it was created for American use.  I covet the hook because it is a part of crochet history.

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