Friday, January 20, 2012

Glass "Hot Rod" Crochet Hook

See more images of this hook while being made by visiting:!/KnitGlassGuy/media/slideshow?
Manufacturer: Chris of
Type of Hook: glass with dual inner twist colors of yellow & periwinkle, custom heart at the end; size H.
Own/Covet: Own
On the Hook: scarf for donation

What I love about the hook: Back in November 2011, I posted on Twitter that I wanted to treat myself to a new crochet hook.  Within minutes Chris was recommended by Helen of Orlando, and we began tweeting about custom creating a glass hook for me. 

I wanted a glass crochet hook with colors that "popped" so that when I crochet in public the hook will draw attention.  Chris created two hooks and let me pick.  When I asked if he could add a little heart at the end of the hook, he created that too.  Chris said after he made the heart there was a little bit of glass left over, so he surprised me with a matching pendant!

When I first picked up my new glass crochet hook to begin my initial test drive, it did feel a little heavy, but I quickly became accustomed to the weight and my stitches were soon speeding off my new "hot rod" crochet hook flawlessly.  For those concerned about the warmth of the hook, I found it warmed to my hand within moments, almost like crocheting with a wooden hook. 

If you never tried a glass crochet hook, I do recommend it:  Chris sells his for as little as $12 (plus S&H).  His glass hooks, like the one I now enjoy, is more expensive, but well worth it. :)

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Nila & Tim said...

I am considering buying one but I'm a little iffy. I love using my Susan Bates hooks. I have tried others and for some reason I don't like them (like Boye) do these glide well? what kind of hook did you use before?