Friday, January 06, 2012

Guest Blogspot: Craft Designs for You

Image used with permission.

 -*-*-  Guest Blogger: Sandie of   -*-*-

Manufacturer: Craft Designs for You
Type of Hook: hard maple wood in size L
Own/Covet: Own 
On the Hook: a scarf using Deborah Norville Serenity yarn. The color pictured is Stormy.

What I love about the hook:
I love the way the yarn just glides over the wood with hardly any effort. This particular hook is special to me because it was custom made to celebrate the 10th anniversary of my web site, Crochet Cabana in 2007. I have two with the same design - the L hook and a #4 steel hook. Cherie Leck and her husband Ken make the hooks themselves, carving the wood and painting the design. Cherie is a joy to work with.

The lighthouse and dolphins have always been incorporated in my logos on the web site. There is no real reason for this except that I enjoy and collect lighthouses and have a fascination with dolphins. The logos I have had at Crochet Cabana were all designed by my daughter.

You can see similar hooks at their web site.

I also own some of the custom made gemstone hooks on the same site. Beautiful hooks!

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Sandie said...

Thanks for the opportunity to be a guest blogger. Though I am not lacking in hooks myself, I have to admit to being jealous of all your lovely hooks! I think I have a serious case of HAS. I look forward to reading about your beautiful hooks every week.