Friday, January 13, 2012

Harry Potter's Magic Crochet Wand

Manufacturer: Jimbo of  Jimbo's Front Porch
Type of Hook: branch wood collected from somewhere on Jimbo's ranch.
Own/Covet: Covet.  Hook is owned by my daughter, Mini~Dee
On the Hook:  A Harry Potter scarf she is designing.

What I love about the hook:  This was a special request I asked Jimbo for.  My daughter, having read EVERY Harry Potter book -- several times -- and now collecting every DVD of the Harry Potter movie series, was missing something.  This became clear when we were discussing if there are crochet hooks inspired by the books & movies we love.  I had never heard of a "Harry Potter Magic Crochet Wand" before and thought it would make a great birthday gift for her.

Only she didn't get it for her birthday, which will have taken place by the time this entry posts.  Jimbo was so quick in responding to my special request, that when it arrived in the mail, my husband & I both decided the hook was so awesome that we just HAD to give it to her early.  This meant she got it for Christmas.  (We also gave her yarn to crochet her own Harry Potter scarf; pictured above with her HP crochet hook.)

When I hold her Harry Potter hook in my hand, I find the natural crooking of the wood to be perfect for overhand holding.  I love how the crook straightens towards the body and neck, leading to a nicely shaped head.  I can see why she's been so spell-bound to crochet!  Jimbo really did a great job on this "one of a kind" crochet hook!  :)

Mini~Dee thinks the hook is pretty cool; she's been practicing her "flick & swish" technique with some beautiful stitches.  The head & body of the hook is smooth, and the rustic wood end inspires the castings of many spells, such as, "Accio yarn!"


Sandie said...

Beautiful! What a clever design. Do you know if he is open to making more Potter hooks?

CrochetWithDee said...

Hi Sandie,
Jimbo recently auctioned off another magical creation. You can see it here:

If you missed out, you can always pop him an email & see if he'll create another/more. ;)