Friday, February 10, 2012

NeedleLite Crochet Hook

Vashti Braha demonstrates her new light-up crochet hook at the
2006 CGOA ChainLink Conference.

Manufacturer: created by Mike, Roger and Bill of MrB Innovations / NeedleLite Crochet Hook
Type of Hook: plastic; lights up
Own/Covet: Own; size K
On the Hook: nothing at the moment

What I love about the hook:  Look into the archives of many online crochet groups from 2005-2006 and you'll see a surge in interest in crochet hooks that light up.  I don't remember posting anything on the topic, but I do recall being very interested. 

At the 2006 CGOA ChainLink Conference, I was in a crochet class with classmate Vashti Braha, who, after our break, came nearly bouncing in with glee with a new crochet hook from the Vendors Market.  (Yes, those are her happy hands pictured with her new NeedleLite crochet hook.)  Oh! I recall instantly coveting her new crochet hook - I had to have one for myself!  Unfortunately, the vendor who had them had sold out!

A few years later (in 2008 I think), while browsing trolling on eBay for crochet goodies, I found someone selling them.  Now I proudly own one.  What I like about the hook is that it is extremely bright ... great for when my eyes need a little burst of light when working with dark colored yarns.  I like the long neck and body - and that it has no thumb rest.  The button-cell battery is also easy to replace; and because it uses a button-cell, the hook is light in weight.  What I don't like, and it's just a minor thing, is that the manufacturer did not put their name on the hook.

These light-up hooks are more expensive than the Clover line of light-up crochet hooks (to be discussed in a future blog post), but I think, based upon the amount of light it produces, it is worth the investment. That, and the fact they're MADE IN USA!


kathylea bayley said...
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kathylea bayley said...
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kathylea bayley said...

I purchased a set of these off ebay, my most favorite of all. Amazing quality, light weight, so worth the money. Will cherish mine forever. Kathylea