Friday, February 03, 2012

Susanne's Ebony Crochet Hook

Manufacturer: Susanne's Häkelnadel aus Edelholz (translation: crochet needle precious wood)
Type of Hook: Ebony recycled from piano wood
Own/Covet: Own (several!) 
On the Hook: nothing at the moment

What I love about the hook:  A few years ago I purchased several of these crochet hooks from Webs yarn store, located in Northampton, MA.  (I have of yet to see them offered in other US stores.)  The hooks are created out of wood salvaged from a piano manufacturer in Germany -- I love this!

The hooks are light weight, and very smooth.  I love that the hooks don't have a thumb rest making it a great tool for creating narrow strips of Tunisian, or really tall linked crochet stitches.

I was unsuccessful in locating information about the hook creator, so I am unsure if Susanne is the company's name/crochet hook line (such as with Susan Bates' crochet hooks), or if Susanne is an actual person.  Regardless, the hooks feel nice, come from recycled material, have a nicely shaped head, and are reasonably priced.  Recommended?  Yep.  :)

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